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5 Remote IT Support Benefits You Should Know

5 Remote IT Support Benefits You Should Know
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Published Dec 14, 2022

Modern businesses rely on multiple forms of technology that require regular maintenance. However, dealing with even routine issues requires a certain level of experience and skill, and take up your internal team’s time.

This leads many businesses to explore the benefits of remote IT support. Many organizations have begun to reap these benefits. Research by Clutch shows that 37% of businesses already rely on an external support team for their IT needs.

There are several advantages that can be gained from remote tech support. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at five of these remote IT support benefits.

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The 5 Benefits of Getting Remote IT Support


1. Resolve Technical Issues Quickly

Regardless of the technology solutions your team has in place, you’ll face your fair share of issues. Without remote tech support, your team could waste a lot of time trying to navigate even basic issues that they are not familiar with.

One of the clearest benefits of remote IT support is the speed at which professional support can resolve technical issues. When you work with the right IT support partner, you can ensure that both routine hiccups and major issues can’t grind your business to a halt.

Instead of paying your skilled team members to waste time outside of their areas of expertise, you can resolve issues much faster with remote IT support.

With remote support, you can count on rapid response times and quick resolutions for the vast majority of technical issues, saving you time and money and letting your team stay productive.


2. Access to Support Services Whenever You Need Them

Business hours can vary widely from one industry to the next, so you need a tech support solution that is available when you need it. The right remote IT support partner can provide 24/7 support and are always there to help you keep your business running.

Even if your business does keep 9 to 5 hours, you could find yourself dealing with issues outside of them. Most business owners are well-acquainted with working late to put out fires.

Remote tech support ensures that you have the support and resources you need around the clock.

Working with a trustworthy support partner also ensures they are familiar with your systems, so they don’t waste time getting to know them at a critical moment.

Remote IT Support Benefits


3. Make the Most of Remote Working

Having employees work from home has quickly become a staple of many industries. Research by Owl Labs shows that 62% of Americans work remotely in some capacity. Allowing employees to remotely access networks and applications introduces a wide range of IT requirements.

When small businesses have employees who work from home, they may experience some challenges with technology. Minor molehills like not being able to connect to the office VPN or not having video conferencing ready (45% of remote employees face that issue) can seem like insurmountable mountains.

Professional remote tech support can resolve most issues efficiently and reduce employee frustration.


4. Reduce Costs Associated With Support

Reduced costs are another one of the benefits of remote IT support. For small to medium-sized businesses, the cost of even one dedicated IT support employee could be too high. There are also additional costs that come with internal hiring, further widening the gap.

External support can be significantly more affordable than relying on internal personnel for SMBs. Even large businesses that can afford internal IT teams still use external partners to reduce costs in many areas.


5. Access a Full Range of Support Solutions

Today, businesses rely on a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to grow their businesses. Each of those technologies carries its own support requirements, and they can quickly overwhelm your team.

When you rely on remote tech support, you have access to an entire team of support technicians who offer a full range of support solutions.

They will have specialists in an extensive range of applications, cloud services, hardware, and network infrastructure. This ensures that they can match your issue to a specialist in that area.

Even if you have a hold on your current tech solutions, this can change quickly. Technology is always advancing, and your business will need new solutions as it grows.

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Unlock the Benefits of Remote IT Support Today

By working with the right partner, your company can enjoy the benefits of getting remote IT support. It’s a cost-effective option that can allow your team to increase productivity and enables you to grow your business with confidence.

As a leading source for managed IT services in Chicago, XL.net can provide your business with 24/7/365 remote tech support. Our team of trained and experienced support technicians will answer your calls, providing resolutions for 99% of issues on the first contact.

Alongside our support services, we can also handle your organization’s security, cloud services, IT audits, and other vital services.

For more information about how you can reap the benefits of remote IT support, reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation and find out what our experts can do for you.

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