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XL.net is your friendly, local, IT support team. We get invested in our clients, and we’re passionate about finding solutions, systems and technology that will keep them up and running — and push them ahead in the market. Our team is full of enthusiastic, skilled people who are invested in helping SMBs meet their goals.

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What we believe

Our culture is one of continuous improvement, both for our clients and for ourselves. We aim to give SMBs in the Chicagoland area a technological edge. Our approach is to look at more than just the technology — we look at what our clients want to achieve with it. We make sure our clients have a strategy that moves them ahead.

One critical part of the XL.net culture is a belief in the power of technology and people. Many business owners don’t realize just how much they can gain from aligning their IT with their business goals or from improving employee engagement. The benefits are wide-reaching and powerful, and our employees understand that value.

XL.net Values

Our core values are all about growth and teamwork. We firmly believe that one of the best ways to help our clients grow is through technology. And we implement this technology through a partnership with our clients and a tight-knit team of experts within XL.net.

Our team has members with several characteristics in common:



Technology has powerful capabilities for the productivity of small and medium-sized businesses, but each one is different. We do all we can to improve productivity for our clients and ourselves, which can save time as well as money and resources.



We exceed the expectations of our clients and ourselves. Goal-setting is important, and we aim to knock it out of the park each time.



Teamwork is an essential part of any IT team, and our staff works together to accomplish their goals. Whether a project requires a multitude of experts or could simply use another set of eyes, we help each other work through any challenge. Managed IT requires the skills of many, so working together and with clients is an important part of the job.



Whether we're offering support for high-privacy clients, like health care facilities and financial institutions, or organizations with fewer regulations, we take the job seriously. We can take care of your most critical infrastructure with transparency, skill and expertise, so you can rest easy knowing your system is in good hands.



We work as a team to be the best that we can. We get that perfection isn't possible, but we strive to get as close as we can by working to improve each day.



We believe there is always a better way, you just need to look for it. Technology, processes, goal-setting, everything can be improved with the right solution and resources. We want to support our clients by making those assets available to them.

What we bring to the table

We do everything we can to align IT with business strategy, whether it’s working well into the night to solve problems or being proactive and bringing solutions without being asked. Finding new solutions to business problems is what we excel at, fostering an environment of creativity and problem-solving to meet our clients’ needs. We only succeed when our customers succeed.

Why work here?

Our staff is close knit. We’re all passionate about technology, and what it can do for small and medium businesses.

Joining us means joining an exceptional place for information technology employment in Chicago. In addition to the reward of helping SMBs achieve their goals, you also spend your days learning and working toward continual improvement with our company’s mindsets about growth and betterment. If you want to work somewhere your talents are put to use and developed over the years, and where you can create a meaningful impact, XL.net is an excellent choice.

We are a family here and we really work together to help each other out.


What makes XL.net a great company to work for is the support you get from the team. It’s not a company, it’s a family.


We allow our team to grow and work with what they are passionate about and what really excites them.


And that’s just the start! Many of our employees have been with us for years, some for over a decade. The XL family runs deep.

Get to know us

Want to know what kind of people you could work with? Check out our team, and learn about what makes us tick. We’ve got employees with a wide array of skills and qualifications.

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Whether you’re looking for cryptography and network security careers, service or help desk technician jobs in Chicago, IL, or even sales positions, XL.net would love to hear from you. We’re always looking for qualified, passionate people to join our team.

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